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Guide: Electrical Protection and Controls for Mining Safety

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Industrial Safety


Electrical Protection for Surface & Underground Mining

Littelfuse understands that selecting products that stand up to the hazardous conditions found in underground and surface mining environments can be challenging. You look for suppliers that make robust and reliable components that can handle these situations. As a leading manufacturer of mining products, top companies around the world trust Littelfuse to safely control and distribute electrical power in potash, oil sands, uranium, coal, precious metals, and other mining applications. Our Mining Product Capabilities Guide provides information to help you safely control and distribute electrical power in mining operations. In this guide you will learn about products that:

  • Extend the life of motors and pumps

  • Mitigate arc-flash hazards

  • Confirm proper grounding of transformers and portable equipment

  • Detect ground faults

  • Increase the operational life of mining equipment

  • And much more!

To learn more about safe electrical mining practices, visit

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