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Intermatic Arista - Simplify Commercial Lighting Projects

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Simplify Commercial Lighting Projects with ARISTA™

The benefits of the new ARISTA Advanced Lighting Control System go beyond lighting schedules and energy efficiency. Learn how our contractor-focused solution takes the hassle out of commercial lighting projects from planning to final setup

Code Compliant Design

Cut through the red tape and keep projects up to code by choosing ARISTA. Out-of-the box, the system meets or exceeds ASHRAE 90.1, IECC and Title 24 while offering a variety of components to match specific project needs.

Fool-Proof Wireless Control

If you’ve ever connected your phone to a Bluetooth® speaker or hands-free device, you’ll be ready to roll with ARISTA. Learn how secure Bluetooth® 5.0 mesh technology helps contractors of all technology backgrounds cruise through installation.

Get Projects to the Finish Line Sooner

Built-in workflows make it easy for contractors to fine-tune device settings and schedules once installation is complete. See ARISTA in action to learn how installers and commissioning agents breeze through final setup to create dynamic, code compliant lighting environments.

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