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Introducing VALENT® Warm Dim Tape Light

Classic dimming, thoroughly modern performance

VALENT Warm Dim (WD) brings realistic incandescent-style dimming to Diode LED’s most versatile tape light line. Now you can convincingly replicate the warm, familiar glow of incandescent lights with the simplicity of a 2-wire tape light installation. Dim flawlessly from 3000K to 2000K, or from 2700K to 1800K, at accent- and task-level brightness. Installation is simple – exactly like regular “static” tape light – and it’s compatible with the same Diode LED drivers, channels, and accessories you already use.

Warm Dim tape light is increasingly popular in residential and hospitality applications where warm, low light is important. VALENT WD is a high-quality, cost-competitive option for both everyday and luxury installations. Make a big impact in a small, versatile package.

  • Simple two-wire installation and compatibility with the most popular Diode LED drivers

  • Dense LED placement for full, dotless diffusion in most Diode LED channel profiles

  • Two output levels – 150+ lumens per foot and 400+ lumens per foot – for every tape light application, from accents to coves and general illumination

  • Compatible with popular accessories including Terminal Block Connectors for fast, reliable installations

  • Can be fully factory-assembled like all Diode LED tape lights

24V VALENT Warm Dim Options




VALENT Warm Dim LED Tape Light, 150lm, 2700K-1800K, 16.4 ft. Spool


VALENT Warm Dim LED Tape Light, 150lm, 2700K-1800K, 100 ft. Spool


VALENT Warm Dim LED Tape Light, 150lm 3000K-2000K, 16.4 ft. Spool


VALENT Warm Dim LED Tape Light, 150lm, 3000K-2000K, 100 ft. Spool


VALENT Warm Dim LED Tape Light, 400lm, 2700K-1800K, 16.4 ft. Spool


VALENT Warm Dim LED Tape Light, 400lm, 2700K-1800K, 100 ft. Spool


VALENT Warm Dim LED Tape Light, 400lm 3000K-2000K, 16.4 ft. Spool


VALENT Warm Dim LED Tape Light, 400lm, 3000K-2000K, 100 ft. Spool


Samples and Additional Information

For more information, pricing, or to request samples, please reach out to your Regional Sales Manager or contact Customer Service at 877.817.6028 – Option 1 or email

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