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XLERATOR Sales Bulletin - New HEPA Nameplates

In This Announcement:

  • Effective May 2nd, all XLERATOR® & XLERATOReco® hand dryers with HEPA Filtration installed at the factory will ship with a HEPA nameplate

  • Updated product sheets reflect both standard and HEPA models

  • Updated parts price list

Factory Installed HEPA Nameplates

New nameplates will include HEPA to differentiate HEPA model XLERATOR Hand Dryers from standard models. The clean design of the new nameplate will set HEPA units apart from standard models. Users will now be able to note at glance when they are using a HEPA unit. Keep in mind our blue HEPA signs are still available if a customer wants to communicate the testing results to their guests.

Updated Website & Advertising Imagery

Update your images to reflect the new look.

Updated XLERATOR/XLERATOReco Product Sheets

Please use updated digital version of product sheets on your website or when sharing with customers.

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